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Welcome to the Town of Southern Shores on the Outer Banks NC

Welcome to the Town of Southern Shores on the Outer Banks NC - Company News

March 3, 2016 Company News

Beach Rules in Southern Shores on the Outer Banks NC

Vacationers, residents, and buyers of Outer Banks NC homes for sale in Southern Shores can expect long stretches of beautiful, quiet beaches with 288 days of sunshine a year in a very private and tranquil community, thanks to the rules and regulations set by the town’s association. OBREC Southern Shores beach rules - snorkeling There are no hotels or motels in Southern Shores, but vacationers will find plenty of Outer Banks NC vacation rental homes from which to choose. As with other communities on the Outer Banks, the town of Southern Shores has its own set of rules for visitors and residents that assure everyone a more enjoyable, pleasant, and safe stay. Vacationers and residents can relax knowing that the beach rules are limited and do not interfere with their hours of safe enjoyment on the beach. Southern Shores beaches have lifeguard patrols and operate on a red-flag system during inclement weather, making the beaches of Southern Shores very safe. While you are in Southern Shores, make sure you observe the following rules:
  1. Dogs are not permitted on the beach during the summer season from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Dogs are only allowed on the beach between the hours of 6:00 p.m-9:00 a.m., from May 15th to September 15. Dogs must be on leash at all times when on the beach or off personal property. Pet feces must be picked up.
  2. Beach equipment and other personal items are not allowed to remain on the beach overnight. This includes tents, canopies, chairs, sunglasses, umbrellas, cabanas, sunshades, volleyball nets, and other personal items. Unattended personal items left on the beach between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. are prohibited and subject to removal.
  3. Beach fires of any kind are not allowed. It is illegal for any person to start or set a fire of any kind on the beaches of Southern Shores.
  4. Fireworks are prohibited.
  5. Any digging that presents a safety risk or hazard is prohibited.
  6. Driving on the beach and dunes is not allowed.
  7. Playing, sliding, climbing on the frontal dunes, or any other activity that will disturb the dune structure is prohibited.
  8. Activities that cause threat to public safety is prohibited.
  9. While red flags are being flown (usually during inclement weather), swimming is prohibited. Red flags are posted every half mile on the beach where it is unsafe or illegal to swim.
  10. You are responsible for your own trash removal and disposal.
  11. Surfers must have surfboards leashed to their bodies.
OBREC Southern Shores beach rules - surfing Only Southern Shores residents or those renting in Southern Shores Outer Banks NC homes have beach and parking access. Many Southern Shores Outer Banks NC vacation homes are located in quiet cul-de-sacs or behind the protective dune barriers and are within a short walk from the beach, affording residents and vacationers a guaranteed peace, quiet, and privacy. While off-roading is allowed on some Outer Banks beaches, you can relax on the beaches of Southern Shores where you won’t have to look out for 4-wheel drive or other vehicles passing by on the sand, thanks to the town of Southern Shores’ rules for beach use. Enjoy the beauty, peace, and relaxation that Southern Shores offers. Check out the latest properties for sale by visiting Your dream vacation property awaits you! Call your Outer Banks REALTOR®, Morgan Mason, at (252) 564-9774 today.

Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss in Southern Shores Outer Banks NC

Southern Shores on the Outer Banks NC offers more than just beaches, boating and fishing. If you are staying in one of the vacation rental homes or just bought an Outer Banks NC home for sale, make sure you don’t miss these great activities near Southern Shores: OBREC Southern Shores attractions you shouldn't miss - bike trails Southern Shores Bike Trails Ditch the 4WD and enjoy a bike ride on one of the bike paths that run through the scenic streets of the beach neighborhoods in Southern Shores. Oceanside Activities The beautiful coastline and sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are available to residents of Outer Banks NC homes and their guests. Aside from enjoying the warm soft sand underneath your toes, swimming, or building sandcastles, there are plenty of oceanside activities to enjoy like wind surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding, volleyball, and kite flying. Surf fishing is also one activity you might want to try. Be sure you first obtain a license from the North Carolina Marine Fisheries and Wildlife’s website or check with a local tackle shop. You can also enjoy hiking or just strolling along the sound on the westside of Southern Shores. With 288 days of sunshine a year on the Outer Banks NC, you can enjoy the beach even in the off season. The private beaches become the perfect place to walk your dog without the restrictions that are in effect during the summer. How about a visit to the Currituck Sound, an ideal place for kayaking or just wading in the warm waters. You can rent kayaks in nearby Duck, which also offers sailboard and sailboat excursions. Parks and Recreation Another advantage to buying Outer Banks NC homes for sale is the proximity of Southern Shores to parks and recreation. Explore the nearby Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve, home to deer, fox, songbirds, river otter, and other wildlife. Bordering Kitty Hawk to the south is Kill Devil Hills, home to the Wright Brothers National Memorial that marks the place where they experimented with their first powered aircrafts. You can go hang gliding off the dunes and fly kites at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, which is about 20 minutes south of Southern Shores. Another way to enjoy the dunes is to go sand sliding on a board. You can get a permit at the state park’s office. View exhibits and fulgurites at the exhibit center. Fulgurites are glass tubes formed when lightning strikes sand on a dune. Learn about the pirate and colonial history of the Outer Banks. You can also visit Duck, a popular tourist destination which borders the northern end of the Southern Shores. Visit this spring when this town comes to life with its variety of shops and restaurants. If you love to walk or hike, you can visit the Southern Shores maritime forest on the westside or “in the woods” as it is called by the locals. Take the walking path extending along the 2-lane scenic Dogwood Trail while inhaling the scent of cedar then take a break under the refreshing shade provided by live oaks. OBREC Southern Shores attractions you shouldn't miss - playground Southern Shores Amenities Residents of Southern Shores and visitors staying in Southern Shores vacation rental homes have access to private lifeguarded beaches as well as all the Civic Association amenities which include a Westside Park with playground and volleyball court, Two soundside marinas with boat launches and picnic facilities, community tennis courts, and plenty of oceanfront parking adjacent to the private beaches. If you want to stay close to all the attractions on the Outer Banks NC yet still enjoy privacy and seclusion, uncrowded beaches, and a wide selection of Outer Banks NC vacation rental homes, Southern Shores is the best vacation destination for you. Whether you’re looking for a second home or an investment property in an upscale beach community, Southern Shores is the perfect place for you. Check out the latest properties for sale by visiting Your dream vacation property awaits you! Call your Outer Banks REALTOR®, Morgan Mason, at (252) 564-9774 today.

Neighborhoods in Southern Shores

Southern Shores is a residential community with single-family year around homes and vacation Second homes. Since Southern Shores is a great vacation spot, the people who buy Outer Banks NC homes for sale in Southern Shores when planning for retirement may first use them as vacation rental homes or second homes. Southern Shores is also proud of its residential year around population made up of young families, baby boomer empty nesters and retirees. Whether they are single-family homes, vacation second homes, or rustic beach box cottages, homes in Southern Shores can be classified depending on their location. OBREC Southern Shores neighborhoods - oceanfront
  1. Oceanfront – These are the first row of homes at the ocean which are protected behind sand dunes. Because some of these protective dunes contain dense vegetation, a few oceanfront homes in the Seacrest Village area may only have top floor ocean views. But what views!
  2. Semi-Oceanfront – These properties are located one lot away from the oceanfront lot. Usually with house or a street between the semi-oceanfront home and the beach.
  3. Seacrest Village – These homes are a hit with families since the beach is just a short walk away without crossing any busy streets. The homes in Seacrest Village are located on quiet streets that end at a walkway to the water’s edge. Seacrest Village is ideal for families with children since there is no through traffic.
  4. Circle Drive –These Oceanside homes are just walking distance to the beach. Located on a horseshoe drive with lush vegetation, homes on Circle Drive can be found off Hickory Trail, between Ocean Blvd and Duck Road.
  5. Ocean View Loop and Skyline Rd. – Homes on these streets are just walking distance from the beach, shopping and restaurants in Southern Shores, and Kitty Hawk. Each street has a pedestrian crosswalk that provides easy access to the beach across Ocean Blvd. These streets are located just north of the Rt. 158/Rt. 12 split.
  6. Westside – These properties are located on the Westside of Duck Road also known as Rt. 12. Many homes on the Westside have private pools and all of the properties have access to the oceanfront community parking lot and the life-guarded beach.
  7. Chicahauk – Chicahauk is a subdivision located in a quiet neighborhood between the beach and Croatan Highway (Rt 158). Many of the homes here are just walking distance to the beach. All homes in this area have access to community tennis courts and a playground for small children. Chicahauk homeowners and guests also have access to a secluded parking area near the beach.
  8. The Dunes – These homes perched among the dunes offer horizon ocean views or sound views. Oceanfront parking is available for homeowners at either the Hillcrest or Ocean Blvd./Duck Rd. accesses. There is a playground nearby at the corner of Hickory Trail and Sea Oats Trail. Residents and guests can also access the community volleyball and basketball courts at the corner of Hillcrest Dr. and Sea Oats Trail. OBREC Southern Shores neighborhoods - soundside
  9. Soundside – These homes, protected by the dunes of Southern Shores are located in a beautiful maritime forest less than a block from the Currituck Sound. Homeowners on the Soundside enjoy great water views, sunset views and some of the homes even have horizon ocean views.
  10. Soundfront – Get spectacular sunset views from these soundfront homes in Southern Shores. Behind these homes is the Currituck Sound, whose shallow waters are great for sailing, wading, kayaking, or windsurfing.
Whether you’re looking for a second home or an investment property in an upscale beach community, Southern Shores is the perfect place for you. Check out the latest properties for sale by visiting Your dream vacation property awaits you! Call your Outer Banks REALTOR®, Morgan Mason, at (252) 564-9774 today.

Welcome to the Town of Southern Shores on the Outer Banks NC

Located just south of Duck and north of Kitty Hawk is the beautiful town of Southern Shores, the premiere residential community on the Northern Outer Banks. Southern Shores covers 4 square miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Currituck Sound and Ginguite Creek. Known for its excellent stretch of beach with private access every 600 feet, fantastic weather and beautiful homes this popular second home market really shines. Comprised mostly of single family homes and Outer Banks NC homes for sale, Southern Shores has very little commercial development. On the Outer Banks, Southern Shores is a lowest density residential town with oceanfront beach homes. The low number of commercial developments along with large homesites make it more peaceful and private than to its neighbors, Duck and Corolla, both of which are busier vacation spots with a profusion of tourists. OBREC Southern Shores welcome to the town - driveway Southern Shores has the secluded charm of the neighboring Town of Duck, a vacation resort, without the crowds simply because of the nature of a residential area offering both full time and second homes. This provides an escape from the clamor of the shopping, restaurants, and attractions of the Outer Banks while still being just a short drive away from it all. This is one outstanding advantage of buying homes for sale on the Outer Banks NC in Southern Shores – you can get away from the crowd in an ideal vacation spot while still being close the amenities the Outer Banks offers. The single family homes in Southern Shores range from luxury oceanfront properties and modern vacation rentals to rustic flat-tops and beach box cottages giving the town a more eclectic and laid-back charm. Investors appreciate the value of these lovely homes that offer magnificent views of the ocean on the east side and glorious sunsets over the Currituck Sound to the west. Southern Shores homeowners know the joy of living in this environmental haven. OBREC Southern Shores welcome to the town - beach Brief History of Southern Shores Southern Shores was originally a part of The Town of Kitty Hawk. Then in the early 1940s the area including Kitty Hawk Forest, Duck Woods and oceanfront beaches was subdivided and developed as a family resort subdivision offering a preserved, protected environment, large lots and low density. In 1946, this area was named Southern Shores by its developer, Frank Stick, an artist and environmentalist. More than 3 decades later in 1979, it was incorporated as the Town of Southern Shores. When it was still considered a part of Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores was the home to the famous Paul Gamiels Hill Lifesaving Station, one of the US Lifesaving Service’s original Outer Bank stations built in 1878. In 1909, it was remodeled and became an instrumental lifesaving station protecting the US coastline during WWI and WWII. Eventually it was deserted and replaced with the modern Outer Banks Coast Guard facilities. In fact, the lifesaving stations all along the Outer Banks were the forefathers of our US Coast Guard. Fast forward to the present-day Southern Shores with its rich maritime forests, quiet residential beaches, beautiful homes and minimal commercial use. Southern Shores is definitely the perfect place for those desiring peaceful, relaxing, and laid-back vacation homes or Outer Banks NC homes for sale. Whether you’re looking for a second home or an investment property in an upscale beach community, Southern Shores is the perfect place for you. Check out the latest properties for sale by visiting Your dream vacation property awaits you! Call your Outer Banks REALTOR®, Morgan Mason, at (252) 564-9774 today.