Why Choose Us?
Because We’re Better Than Your Computer!

There is a lot of real estate information on the Internet, and it’s a great place to start your research whether you’re buying or selling. We pride ourselves on knowing more than what you can find online.

There is only so much the Internet can tell you. When you get serious, you need the details about the local market and neighborhoods. With our intimate knowledge of the Outer Banks area, we have all the facts at our fingertips. Our customer service philosophy translates into being quick to respond, willing to work hard, and pleasant to work with. It’s a winning combination.


Our Knowledge Helps You Avoid the Pitfalls Waiting for the Uninformed

You probably fall into one of several categories of visitors to our website:

  • You’re searching for a second home

  • You’re searching for a retirement home

  • You’re thinking of selling your home

  • You’re looking for return on investment with seasonal rentals

Most of the people we work with live somewhere else. So, that makes working with someone who lives in the area a snap.

Save Time and Frustration
We Make Long Distance Transactions Easy

Regardless of your situation, when you work with us, you’ll work with two professional, full-time and experienced real estate professionals. In addition, we love the Outer Banks area – we work and live here.

We know how to make you feel comfortable right away. We work with many individuals who live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic states. Sometimes, we complete an entire transaction without ever seeing a client who is selling their home.

We can easily bring you up to speed on the many issues you need to consider when buying or selling on the Outer Banks. Our business is focused on you. We get a lot of satisfaction seeing you achieve your goals.

If you’re buying, you couldn’t do any better than working with people who love the Outer Banks. If you’re selling, we won’t do a tap dance just to get a listing. We’ll present a realistic picture of the current market, and help you price your home accordingly. You’ll never pay too much or settle for too little in a transaction.

Take Advantage of Technology

You may want to make sure you see all potential Outer Banks homes for sale. Or, you may want to get the most exposure to sell your home quickly and at top value. We use technology effectively to help youaccomplish either of those goals. When you’re buying long distance, the Internet can make you feel like you’re here! When you’re selling, our Internet marketing strategy can’t be beat.

Besides making sure you have the best experience possible when you’re buying or selling Outer Banks homes, we also pride ourselves on being easy to work with. Clients and associates alike say that we’re the team with a good sense of humor, while being helpful and non-confrontational.

When you’ve gotten all the information you can from your computer, give us a try. You’ll be pleased with a successful, friendly transaction that protects your investment. Call us at (252) 506-0025, or use the form below to send an email.

We look forward to earning your business!