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Roanoke Island

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Roanoke Island

Few locations can rival the historical scope of Roanoke Island, which was the site of some of the earliest interactions between Native Americans and English colonists.

Roanoke Island, NC was settled as early as 1585 by the fabled explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, almost 200 years before the revolution of 1776. What happened to that first colony of around 120 men, women and children – including the infant Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in what would become the United States – remains shrouded in mystery. When English ships returned to the island in 1590, crews found no trace of the settlers, who are thought to have tried to reach Croatoan – now Hatteras – Island, after an unknown catastrophe.

The island was later successfully settled, and modern day Roanoke Island, NC is an important community on the Outer Banks. Almost 7,000 residents call this place home, and the number of local occupants rises to 30,000 during the summer vacation season.

Connected to the mainland and to other locations on the Outer Banks via Highway 64, the modern community of Roanoke is a fantastic place to purchase a property. The town of Manteo features a range of amenities, shops, and restaurants, all of which are perfect for staying entertained, while outdoor types will have their needs catered to by the rolling countryside and stunning beaches which abound here. Outer Banks Real Estate Company at eXp Realty is your connection to a successful property purchase on Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Click the button below to browse the listings, or get in touch with any queries or questions.

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Real Estate on Roanoke Island, NC

There are a multitude of options available to those interested in buying a property on Roanoke Island, NC.

  • Soundfront properties on Roanoke Sound or Croatoan Sound
  • Larger real estate plots
  • Small beach cottages
  • Townhouses and condominium developments in the town of Manteo

The team at Outer Banks Real Estate Company at eXp Realty can help you find a property which suits your needs. Take a look at our listings and find what you need.

What Makes Roanoke Island such a Great Place to Live

Pleasant weather and climate

Roanoke Island, NC sits on the soundside of the Outer Banks, and so is shielded from the Atlantic Ocean to the east. This gives it a pleasant and appealing climate.

Good transport links to the mainland and elsewhere on the Outer Banks
A range of different activities on offer, here and nearby
A well-equipped local community
A rich and evolving history
A unique environment