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Nestled on the historic island of Roanoke, Manteo, NC represents a great option for anyone in search of real estate on the Outer Banks.

In 1584, two men arrived at the court of Queen Elizabeth I in London. The pair quickly became celebrities, thanks to their different customs, foreign language, and unusual attire. The two men were Wanchese and Manteo – tribal leaders from the region which would later become North Carolina. The pair’s story is compelling, but a little too long to tell in full here. Suffice to say, it was the latter who would play the greater role in the region’s history and who would eventually lend his name to the community of Manteo, North Carolina.

This is just a part of the incredibly rich and diverse history on which the town is built. This is history which extends back beyond the point at which the United States became a country, beyond the point of mass colonization of the east coast, and beyond the point at which European settlers first arrived. To put it simply; Manteo is a truly fascinating community.

The modern day town of Manteo, NC is the biggest population center on Roanoke Island, with shops, restaurants, and a range of other facilities. However, with a year-round population of only 1,400, it retains the sleepy charm which makes the Outer Banks such a beguiling place to be. If this sounds like the ideal town to purchase a property in, then you have come to the right place. The Outer Banks Real Estate Company at eXp Realty has the skill and knowledge you need in your search for the perfect piece of real estate.

If this sounds like the ideal town to purchase a property in, then you have come to the right place.
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Why Manteo Is the Perfect Location for an Outer Banks Property Purchase

A single visit to downtown Manteo is enough for many people to fall in love with the location. For the uninitiated, here are several reasons why Manteo, NC is an excellent choice for a real estate purchase.

Great connections with the mainland and with the rest of the Outer Banks

Roanoke Island and the town of Manteo are two perfectly positioned locations on the Outer Banks. Located on NC Highway 158 and connected to the mainland via Highway 64, visitors and residents will find it easy to navigate around the area. There are also ferry ports and even an airport located on the island.

A paradise for beach lovers, ocean goers, and outdoor types
A wide range of different properties available
Sheltered from the Atlantic weather