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Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

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Kill Devil Hills

Fall in Love with an Incredible Piece of Real Estate in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Bridging the gap between a rich and full history and a thriving, modern community, Kill Devil Hills is a prime location for great Outer Banks real estate.

Kill Devil Hills is an interestingly-named community with a fittingly fascinating history. It’s also a great place to find prime Outer Banks real estate options, either for a holiday home or for a more permanent residence.

The name Kill Devil Hills is older than our country itself, and dates back to a time when ships transporting rum to the colonies were a common sight along this stretch of coastline. According to the folklore, sometimes that rum would wash up on the shore to be scavenged by local settlers. Strong enough to ‘kill the devil,’ this illicit liquor gave the area its name.

Later, Wilbur and Orville Wright would choose this spot as the location for their first powered flight, way back in 1903. However, as there was no established town here at that time, nearby Kitty Hawk entered the history books instead. The modern Kill Devil Hills, NC has eclipsed its more famous neighbor, however, and is now the most populous incorporated municipality in Dare County, with 7,000 permanent residents.

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Why Choose Kill Devil Hills, NC

There are a great many reasons why you should consider Kill Devil Hills, NC for your next real estate purchase. Here are just a few:

Great convenient location

The location of Kill Devil Hills puts it within reach of the mainland and other areas of North Carolina and beyond, which means you won’t be sacrificing tranquillity for convenience.

The best of both worlds
A wide range of activities within reach
Unique and vibrant history
Diverse real estate options on the Outer Banks
Expert assistance at your fingertips