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Hatteras, North Carolina

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A wealth of opportunity waiting for you in Hatteras, NC

Even at its extremes, the Outer Banks retains the kind of beauty, tranquillity, and unique atmosphere which characterizes the whole of the island chain. Located down at the southern tip of the region, Hatteras, NC is no exception to this rule.

Named for the Hatteras tribe of Native Americans who called the island home long before European colonists arrived, the community of Hatteras has built its economy on the fishing industry for generations.

While commercial fishing still takes place here, much of the angling which goes on today is of the recreational variety. Locals and visitors regularly head out onto the waves in search of ‘The Big One’, often with success.

If surfing, kayaking, swimming, or another aquatic sport is more your speed, you will find plenty of opportunities for this also. In fact, Hatteras, NC – like much of the Outer Banks – is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Connected to the rest of the Outer Banks and to the mainland by NC 12, Hatteras is a small but well appointed community. The village of Hatteras has only a little over 500 permanent residents, but features enough stores and facilities to make life here easy. To find your perfect property in Hatteras, NC, click the button below to browse our listings.

To find your perfect property in Hatteras, NC, click the button below to browse our listings.
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Reasons to Love Hatteras NC

A Charmingly Tranquil Community

With only a little over 500 residents here on a year-round basis, Hatteras is ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of big city living. This number rises significantly during the summer holiday season, but remains pleasingly low for most of the year.

The Right Balance of Calm and Convenience
A Plethora of Outdoor Excitement
Part of a Unique and Dynamic Set of Communities