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Carova, North Carolina

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Beyond the end of the road, Carova, North Carolina

Where will your Outer Banks property dream take you? Perhaps it will take you to the north of the island group, the place where the road ends and the wild landscape begins. This is where you will find Carova Beach.

Carova, North Carolina is at the northernmost tip of the Outer Banks, situated just to the north of Corolla. Founded in the 1960s, Carova is accessible only by utilizing 4 – wheel drive vehicles through the beach.

Think sweeping, spellbinding vistas, ample room for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and so much more. If you came in search of an adventure on the Outer Banks, you found it here at Carova Beach. Our team is specialized in guiding property buyers as they search for their perfect piece of real estate in locations like Carova, North Carolina.

The Attraction of Carova, North Carolina

It stands to reason that such a unique destination as Carova beach is packed with unique and fun activity opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • Nature spotting
    As you might imagine, flora and fauna abound in the region.
  • Fishing
    The calm waters of the sound, the more tumultuous seascape of the Atlantic; both provide ample fishing options.
  • Adventure
    Adventure is the order of the day in Carova Beach. Up here in the wild north of the Outer Banks, you will find the stage set for some seriously fun times.
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Why Invest in a Four-Wheel Drive Access Beach Property?

For some, the idea of living in a community which is not connected to others by roads is a scary one. However, investing in a four-wheel drive access-only beach property is a great idea for many people. Here’s why:

It’s still accessible

Carova Beach is only a short drive away from the town of Corolla, which provides you with shopping and dining options. What’s more, your four by four vehicle will easily handle the beach access route.

It’s affordable
It’s beautifully calm
It’s unique