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Carova Tide Chart

Here in Carova, NC the tides are an important part of our daily life. For most coastal communities along the Outer Banks knowing the tides is helpful for people boating or fishing, here it is important for driving. Since getting anywhere commercial from even the closest house requires a 2-mile drive on the beach itself, it can be very advantageous to know when low tide is so you can drive on the smooth hard packed sand rather than the dry sugar sand that Carova is well known for.


So as a Public Service, I will be posting the tides weekly each Sunday. If you would like to get the tides delivered to you daily, you can follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook Fan Page.

Currituck Beach Light, North Carolina

15 April 2021 - 17 April 2021

36.3833° N, 75.8333° W

2021-04-15  04:26 EDT   0.36 feet  Low Tide
2021-04-15  06:29 EDT   Sunrise
2021-04-15  08:30 EDT   Moonrise
2021-04-15  10:19 EDT   3.28 feet  High Tide
2021-04-15  16:17 EDT   0.45 feet  Low Tide
2021-04-15  19:37 EDT   Sunset
2021-04-15  22:32 EDT   3.74 feet  High Tide
2021-04-15  23:07 EDT   Moonset
2021-04-16  05:04 EDT   0.53 feet  Low Tide
2021-04-16  06:28 EDT   Sunrise
2021-04-16  09:06 EDT   Moonrise
2021-04-16  10:55 EDT   3.16 feet  High Tide
2021-04-16  16:53 EDT   0.57 feet  Low Tide
2021-04-16  19:38 EDT   Sunset
2021-04-16  23:10 EDT   3.64 feet  High Tide
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