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  • OBREC-News-year-to-year-under-contract-stats Real Estate on the Outer Banks:...
    April 25 2018
    March 2018 has been another month of disappointing residential sales in most locations up and down the beach. However, once again, this does not tell the whole story. For another month, Kill Devil Hills is leading the way in terms of new construction permits issued, highlighting the attractiveness of this historic slice of the Outer Banks' countryside. Sales of undeveloped [...]
  • OBREC News real estate sales Real Estate Sales on the Outer...
    April 2 2018
    February was not a vintage month for property sales on the Outer Banks. A total of 83 units were sold over the course of the month, which was the lowest figure in almost six years. This includes a 17% dip in the sales of single family home units compared with the previous month, and a slump of 9% in condominium [...]
  • OBREC-News-real-estate-market Outer Banks Real Estate Market for...
    October 30 2017
    It's been a mixed month for the Outer Banks property market, with major gains in some sectors and significant slumps in others. Starting with residential properties, there was more evidence to support the increasing value of properties on the Outer Banks as the average price of single-family detached residential units grew by 4% year on year. There was also an [...]
  • OBREC News sales tax redistribution Outer Banks Real Estate Market August...
    September 22 2017
    It's been a great summer on the Outer Banks, particularly in the real estate market. August saw residential sales increase across the board, with some markets experiencing rises of up to 16%. In total, property sales have generated $552,104,149 in the twelve months leading up to the end of August, a figure which represents a year on year increase of [...]
  • OBREC News highly successful real estate agent Real Estate Sales Rise on the...
    August 15 2017
    Sales of residential properties and lots on North Carolina's Outer Banks rose significantly in July after a steady decline. This upturn is great news for the Outer Banks area, and the considerable rise reflects increased economic interest, optimism and investment in the region. In addition to this, 117 condominiums sold on the Outer Banks, and 303 residential lots were sold [...]
  • JP Peron - Outer Banks Real Estate Company Jean-Paul Peron Appointed to Corolla Wild...
    May 4 2017
    The Outer Banks Real Estate Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-Paul Peron as a member to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Board of Directors. Jean-Paul Peron is Broker-in-Charge of the Company’s Carova office. He and Morgan Mason co-own The Outer Banks Real Estate Company. Peron will initially serve a 2-year term as a Corolla Wild Horse Fund [...]
  • OBREC News finding a real estate agent Importance of Hiring the Perfect Outer...
    April 3 2017
    Whether you're looking to buy or sell a property, you need a trusted and an experienced REALTOR® on the Outer Banks to take care of your transaction. Selling or buying a property can be such a difficult and complicated process and if you aren't working with a knowledgeable and experienced realtor, you could end up making a major mistake that [...]
  • OBREC News acquiring real estate Outer Banks Real Estate Market
    January 19 2017
    In 2016, the owners of The Outer Banks Real Estate Company, Morgan Mason, and Jean-Paul (J-P) Peron more than doubled their company's transactions over 2015. Their 87 completed transactions ranged in size and sales volume from vacant lots and family homes sales, to large oceanfront investment properties. It's a good sign that the Outer Banks real estate market sales are [...]
  • OBREC News Outer Banks history Discover the Incredible History of the...
    April 27 2016
    Many fail to realize the beauty that America holds in its own backyard. One of the most apparent examples of this is the Outer Banks region of North Carolina. The Outer Banks is a series of barriers islands, stretching nearly 200 miles along North Carolina's coast. Filled with beautiful landscapes, affordable beach properties, and a rich historical background, there's no [...]
  • OBREC love the Outer Banks Here’s Why Outer Banks Condos are...
    March 17 2016
    Everyone eagerly awaits their next vacation, but unfortunately, many people don't get the full vacation experience because they're stuck in a hotel. It's important to be comfortable on a vacation, and you deserve a place to call your own where you can lay back and let your stresses melt away. If owning beautiful beachfront property sounds appealing, you absolutely need [...]