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3 Reasons to Love the Outer Banks

3 Reasons to Love the Outer Banks - Company News

February 4, 2016 Company News
OBREC love the Outer BanksFor those looking to purchase real estate or acquire rental property, deciding the location of their second home can be a difficult task. With 2 million active real estate agents in the U.S. and with 1.5 million homes being built each year, it seems that anywhere in the U.S. is a viable possibility in this increasingly improving housing market. But amidst the clamor of the East and West coast lies a hidden, oceanside gem, tucked just below the state of Virginia – that treasure is North Carolina. Indeed, it seems as if everyone is flocking to the Outer Banks shores these days, and the reasons aren’t surprising. Here are 3 reasons to love North Carolina’s Outer Banks: The Historical Significance The Outer Banks history alone is enough to entice visitors and residents alike. From the ocean-swept landscapes, lush with a menagerie of wildlife and rolling sand dunes that boast the title of the first dubbed national seashore of its kind. The Outer Banks history also boasts a plethora of significant, revolutionary events, such as the Wright Brothers’ first flight and the mysterious plights of the first colonial settlers. Living among the Outer Banks’ lush landscape is like being part of a living, breathing, history in the making. The Beauty of Nature Where else in America can you find beautiful beaches where wild horses on the beach roam free? On the Outer Banks, owning a beach property is like having access to your own sanctuary each day. With the year-round warm climate, the Outer Banks host a menagerie of breathtaking wildlife, flora, and fauna that will bring peace and relaxation to anyone who bears witness. The Southern Charm It’s an undeniable fact that stepping into the South is like entering a whole other world. From the food to the sense of community and general sensibility, North Carolina’s Outer Banks offer a quiet and welcome respite from the noise and clamor of our world today. In North Carolina, relaxation, joy, family, and courtesy are valued — you can’t ask for much more than that. And don’t forget… Seek the Help of Professional Realtors. When it comes to buying and selling your home on the Outer Banks, no one knows the game better than the professional real estate agents at the Outer Banks Real Estate Company.